Scientists say uh-oh, wind farm jobs row and (climate) budget time


The Hill publishes detail of a new report suggesting that the oil and gas industry may be more polluting than we even knew …. up to 40% more. They cite the respected Nature journal detailing results of tests on ancient air taken from the ice sheets of Greenland which has prompted them to re-evaluate how they measure emissions and subsequently, humanity’s impact, concluding that we’ve been underestimating the industry’s impact all along.

Even as protestors continue to target the big oil and gas companies in efforts to get them to change their ways, one former BP (for a year) employee argues a change of tactic may be needed. In her FT Alphaville column, Izabella Kaninska argues climate activists would be better off buying BP and the like, to help forge change from within.

Pity, meanwhile, the communities around Mossmorran enduring flaring and fears for their health after years of problems, broken promises and inaction. BBC Scotland News reveals that the under-pressure watchdog SEPA, who has pledged with other stakeholders to hold the petrochemical plant owners to account, have admitted monitoring equipment installed to record air pollution are not working. Continue reading “Scientists say uh-oh, wind farm jobs row and (climate) budget time”