About @PlanetScot


HELLO and thank you for visiting Planet Scotland. We focus on environmental and sustainability issues, policies, campaigns, debates, events and lifestyle topics with an emphasis on Scotland.


Planet Scotland aims to highlight and discuss topics emerging in Scotland, in the belief that the environment through climate change is the biggest story of our time. It also aims to help spotlight things such as eco related jobs, travel, products, lifestyles and family related activities. While many of the topics covered will involve politics, the site does not endorse any one political party. It also believes in the fundamental principle of providing a right to reply.


We’re interested in hearing from you – especially for the topics below:

News stories, feature and review requests … newseditor@protonmail.com

Job postings, events listings,  email …  planetscotland@protonmail.com

Other inquiries, email … getinvolved@protonmail.com


Planet Scotland is published independently. Supporting us through advertising and sponsorship can help cover the costs of producing the site and other expenses such as travel. Major backing would allow the site to go full time. Options, including posting of job ads, can be discussed further by emailing newseditor@protonmail.com 


Ultimately, the site would like to find funding partners to sponsor individuals displaced by climate change who could train as journalists in Scotland and take the skills they learn back home to better inform and educate through their own stories. Those interested in discussing this ambition should email newseditor@protonmail.com 


We also very much welcome international readers either in Scotland or abroad and have installed a Google Translates widget at the foot of our site in the hope of helping make our content available in a number of languages.


You can also find us on Twitter @planetscot and facebook @planetscotland.




Public relations services, media workshops and digital training are offered separately from this website by publisher Shaun MilneFor inquiries, email: shaunmilne@pm.me 


Keep close to Nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. – John Muir

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