My name is Shaun Milne, editor and publisher of Planet Scotland. I founded the site in 2014 after becoming increasingly concerned about what I regarded as a lack of attention and profile from national news organisations about the changing climate and its likely impact of on nature and society. I continue to spend as much time as I can maintaining its presence along with my role with climate and well-being focused communications agency Skog Media Associates.

Planet scotland is an independently published blog focusing on climate and sustainability.

Incorporating a series of spotlight pieces on ‘The Glasgow Agreement’ it was set-up by journalist Shaun Milne, who has been writing about environmental issues for more than two decades.

To feature, volunteer or partner with the sire, please in the first instance email: planetscotland@protonmail.com

We need to accelerate and amplify the conversation around the climate emergency, support the work and campaigns that are underway to address the crisis we face, and look to the future for solutions, ensuring people can take in heart knowing about them

Shaun Milne

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