Tomatin Distillery sustainable backing for Highland tourism

Highland Tourism CIC has confirmed a major three-year investment of £150,000 from the award-winning Tomatin Distillery.

The funding will ensure progress for the organisation’s roadmap for sustainable tourism in the Highlands.

The six-figure sum represents new money that Highland Tourism has been able to attract through its relations with the private sector and its vision for the sector in the region.

“Highland Tourism has benefited from private sector investment of £50,000 to date and Tomatin Distillery’s investment will bring that to £100,000 in year one.

Yvonne Crook, Chairperson, Highland Tourism

The sponsorship spearheads a series of new investment opportunities to support the establishment of Highland Tourism as an organisation driving a Climate Positive agenda for the Highlands.

Its recently published roadmap sets out a strategy for working with existing community groups and organisations to raise global recognition of the Highlands as a sustainable tourism leader.

Highland Tourism Co-founder and Chairperson, Yvonne Crook, said: “This investment from Tomatin Distillery is a key milestone for Highland Tourism and the region. We set out with a big vision for the future of the Highlands as a world leading tourism destination and we are delighted to secure Tomatin Distillery as a founding sponsor and partner with shared community and sustainable values.

“Highland Tourism has benefited from private sector investment of £50,000 to date and Tomatin Distillery’s investment will bring that to £100,000 in year one.

“We are already in talks with a number of other funders and are on track to realising our ambition to invest £3.5m in the sustainable development of tourism in the Highlands over a three-year period.

“We are incredibly grateful to Tomatin Distillery for the confidence they have to make a three-year investment.”

Stephen Bremner, Managing Director at The Tomatin Distillery, said: “We are aware that it is very easy to make statements about supporting sustainability and having a care for the environment but it’s actions that really count.

“This substantial investment in the work of Highland Tourism demonstrates our real commitment to a number of goals.

“They include working along with fellow members of the Scotch Whisky Association towards achieving the ambitious target, for the industry, of being carbon net zero by 2045 as well as supporting our key responsibility to our local community by protecting the local environment through conservation and sustainable practices to enhance the ecosystem resilience.

“We have watched the rapid growth of Highland Tourism and believe their goals for the sector, the region, and world-class sustainable status will bring many benefits for the economy and the environment which we are glad to support.”

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