LetterS to THE Earth – Aimee

To the Earth, I am sorry for all of the damage we have done to you. How we have fought against each other over things like control and land, and in doing so have harmed not only ourselves but also you and cost so many innocent lives. 

I truly hope we will be able to solve the problem we are going through together right now, and get back to when we all lived in harmony with animals, plants, you and humans. Without anyone of us striving to concur the rest as that is the way it should be. 

I believe we can solve this problem and will solve this problem as we are listening to you now instead of just to ourselves. Thank you for all the amazing and wonderful gifts you have given us; like all the natural wonders of the Earth, like going to the beach and seeing dolphins, going to a forest and collecting pine cones and even something as simple as trying delicious natural berries and spending time with you seeking peace or hanging out with friends and family. 

As well as giving us natural wonders, you are also helping lots of us use you for an escape from things, when we need a break like in the recent year with COVID-19 and Brexit and lots of things by just taking time to be with you either by walking or gardening or so many other ways you have helped people find serenity and an escape for a while. 

Please forgive us for all the things that we have done to you and please keep giving us these gifts and the ability to spend time with you. Please don’t lose faith in us as we are going to do our best to stop this, and please let us have our relationships with you again like we did before everything became so much about having the most money or the biggest house. Please stay with us because we can get through this together. 


About this project:

Letters to the Earth are working in partnership with the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) . Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill and Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill The bill aims to legislate to put our young people’s futures at the heart of how the UK is governed, to ensure we can build a healthier, fairer and more resilient society. It was an opportunity for young people to address our politicians, share their visions, hopes and demands for a better world and meet with MPs on the steps of parliament.

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