I don’t understand: A letter to humans by Martha Rowe

When one of you is sick you take them to the hospital or you care, and love them and look after them.  I am sick and you have not done this for me. I have been sick for a long time coming and I’ve shown you for ages. I give and I give and I get nothing back. That’s okay, I love giving. But just keep me healthy please! 

There is only one of me. There is not another. I cannot become a pandemic to draw attention to my sickness. There is just me to be sick there is no one else. 

You look up to the stars and planets out in the solar systems to find someone like me, to see if you can one day live there. Just look after me and I will be here for as long as you need! I swear. I promise. I will be here as long as I can. 

But every time you don’t take care of me you are shortening the time I can provide for you. I give you food, and a place to live and I love to see you look after me and interact with nature and animals, and the things I create. 

I Love to watch you grow! But you’ve grown into such monsters. Destructive and horrible, there are some still nice and beautiful and caring. But I am sick and I’ve shown you for ages. Years and years. Illnesses and fires. I’ve yelled and I’ve screamed it and not enough of you have noticed. 

Please, just look after me, just like I do for you. 

Martha Rowe, 16

About this project:

Letters to the Earth are working in partnership with the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill) . Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill and Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill The bill aims to legislate to put our young people’s futures at the heart of how the UK is governed, to ensure we can build a healthier, fairer and more resilient society. It was an opportunity for young people to address our politicians, share their visions, hopes and demands for a better world and meet with MPs on the steps of parliament.

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