Dear Glasgow

I live in Dunblane, Scotland and published my first book – Carbon Choices on the solutions to climate change in 2020. I have been aware of the serious implications of climate change for 30 years, ever since studying geography and glaciers as a geography student. 

I made a mid-career change from accountant to sustainable development and now work as an Energy Specialist.  However, I was still frustrated that so few people were aware of, and taking action on climate change. 

When I heard that Glasgow was to host COP26 it propelled me to write a book on the common sense solutions to our climate and nature crises.

I want COP 26 to be the turning point, the tipping point for governments, business and citizens. 

For governments to submit radical plans to decarbonise their economies.  For businesses to take action to reduce their emissions and to offer consumers better choices. 

For individuals to put pressure on government and businesses, but also to take their own personal action.

And, a final wish, for nature loss – and restoration – to be given as much prominence as climate change. 

Not much to ask for, is it?

Neil Kitching, author of Carbon Choices


  • Carbon Choices is described as a book about the psychology that drives us to buy more ‘stuff’ and whether or not this makes us happier, and looks at the ten ‘building blocks’ to build sensible climate change solutions. It is available here.

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