Dear Glasgow

It is safe to say rather a lot has happened in the 12 months since it was announced you’d be hosting COP26. When the climate summit does eventually take place, it will be in a world irrevocably altered and a global economy dramatically reshaped by COVID-19.

While the pandemic has battered the international marketplace, not all of its effects have been negative.

The need to avoid all non-essential travel during lockdown has sped up much-needed technological advancements, reshaped our working lives and benefitted the environment.

Previously, the daily commute to the office was a staple of working life and the need for face-to-face interaction with clients, especially to seal deals, seen as a necessity.

This step change in the way we do business is one we would like to see built on by COP26.

Charles Quinn, CCO, Commsworld

Fast forward from March 2020 to now, and technology allows us to work anywhere, meet anyone online and conduct business in a seamless fashion.

This way of working has drawn both Commsworld and our long-standing client Burness Paull together. Commsworld is the largest independent telecommunications provider in the UK, while Burness Paull LLP is a top tier independent Scottish law firm. Commsworld itself also has the perfect example of the benefits of working from anywhere. Our Commercial Director Andy Arkle now lives in Portugal, but thanks to Microsoft Cloud solutions, including Teams for meetings, he still works full-time for our company.

Meanwhile at Burness Paull, long-term investment in cloud-based technology has advanced the firm’s existing agile working opportunities, offered the ability to interact and secure deals online regardless of global location, and opened up access to a much broader pool of talent.

Such an approach has helped Burness Paull continue to grow as a truly international firm, accelerating an ongoing cultural shift to flexible working the firm had been focusing on for 12-24 months pre-pandemic and reducing unnecessary travel.

This step change in the way we do business is one we would like to see built on by COP26.

The opportunity is there to build a more internationalist approach to business through a global network of resilient, quality infrastructure – and likewise transforming the lives of workers around the globe.

Brave actions are needed. Such advances may result in a dramatic decline in travel. But the benefits must outstrip the negatives.

So both Commsworld and Burness Paull want to see technology front and centre of COP26. Lead from the front and have virtual conferences with the best minds in the room, albeit from a computer screen. Technology really can help us adapt, improve and live much better – as well have a positive impact for the good of the planet.

It’s time for everyone to embrace the next stage of the fourth industrial revolution.

Here’s to the future.

Charles Quinn, Chief Commercial Officer, Commsworld

  • @Commsworld is a leading UK Telecommunications Network Provider and ISP. They manage and control the largest privately funded Optical Core network in the UK.

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