Dear Glasgow

We must understand that we are all responsible for one another. It’s not enough to cling to outdated and disproven ideas that if we act in our own self-interest that the world’s problems will fix themselves.

We don’t feel the impact of our individual actions when we buy a diesel-hungry car, eat that bit of steak or buy single-use plastics.

The impact is too convoluted, too distant, too disconnected from the immediacy of our choices for it to directly change our behaviours. Instead we need to change our entire perspective and we need our leaders and the COP26 summit to state this unequivocally.

We are all connected, we are one family and the Earth is our shared home.

Our individual actions today affect everyone on this planet now and everyone who will exist on it. It is okay for some of us to shoulder more of the burden if we are capable of doing so to ensure the survival of our unique planet and species, and because it is a joy to be of service to this world.

This is not a negotiation with winners and losers, we will win together or lose together.

Naysun Alae-Carew, Managing Director, Blazing Griffin

  • Blazing Griffin is a BAFTA-winning Glasgow-based digital entertainment company which specialises in telling stories across a wide range of platforms and mediums with a specific focus on video game development, film and TV development and production and post production services.

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