george street

Traffic free, active travel, people first. Watch Edinburgh council’s plans for greener centre

It’s been hinted at, tested out and argued over.

But after traffic free festival days, the extension of the trams and streets being emptied by COVID-19 it seems that Edinburgh could be ready to roll out a greener city centre.

Perhaps not since James Craig first conceived the New Town has there been such a focus on how to enable local people and tourists to embrace their city centre again.

On the official City of Edinburgh Council micro pages for George Street, it states: “We’re creating a welcoming, safe, better connected and sustainable space that will embrace and enhance the much-loved heritage of George Street, Castle Street, Frederick Street and Hanover Street.

“Our vision is to provide a great place that everyone can enjoy and benefit from, which supports our drive to be net zero carbon by 2030 and helps the city’s economic recovery.

“People are at the heart of this key part of Edinburgh’s City Centre Transformation, whether a resident or there to work, visit, shop, cycle to and through, socialise or simply pause for a while.”

You can view the proposal in detail at the official link.

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