Our Seas coalition campaign film to premiere live on YouTube with Professor Iain Stewart

The Our Seas coalition will premiere its campaign film ‘The Limit’ tomorrow examining the threatened connection between people in Scotland and the life in coastal seas.

It highlights the dramatic decline of Scotland’s fish populations and hidden damage to sea beds while examining potential sustainable fishing alternatives.

A special live screening will be streamed on YouTube from 7pm on Wednesday, followed by, by a live Q&A.

That will include a panel comprising members of the coalition and expert Professor Iain Stewart.

Ahead of the launch, organisers said: “With many coastal businesses and communities facing significant hardship right now, recovery has never been more important.

“For decades, Scotland’s inshore waters have been in decline, with many fish populations at historically low levels.

“The Scottish Government’s own Scottish Marine Assessment has recently confirmed that, even within the past ten years, we’re still losing habitats on the seabed; these are the same habitats that fish populations rely upon to thrive.

“The Our Seas coalition is gaining strength, with over 90 organisations now supporting the campaign for recovering Scotland’s coastal seas and the fish in them through better management of fisheries. “

Find out more about the Our Seas campaign at this link.

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