President Elect Joe Biden

President Elect Joe Biden bets on wind power to end US and world addiction to oil and gas

He’s not in office yet but it seems US-president elect Joe Biden’s pledge to waste no time in kick-starting efforts on climate change are already gathering speed.

Among plans, a bid to support the nation’s growing onshore wind energy sector by building thousands of offshore turbines too.

It is part of renewed push to see the US deliver a carbon free energy sector by 2035 and encourage other nations to do the same.

Clean energy jobs are already one of the fastest-growing sectors of America’s economy with some 3.3 million people and more working in clean energy jobs such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean vehicles and fuels at the end of 2019, reports the Cape Cod Times.

When you look at Biden, his public utterances, his plan and appointees (to his Cabinet posts), they are signalling that they will make climate change and clean energy a priority,” said Ian Bowles, Secretary of Energy and the Environment under former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, tells the news site.

President Elect Joe Biden
President Elect Joe Biden

It goes on to outline how the Northeast through its positioning next to the Atlantic Ocean makes it a prime candidate for much of the revolution, but details also concern from some over responsible operations to consider fishing and other industries.

However it takes shape, the wind could soon be in the American renewable sector’s sails.

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