Offshore windfarm Belgian North Sea

This tiny country eight times smaller than UK just powered 1.9m family homes by wind

It’s one of the smallest countries in Europe at just 280km (175miles) long and 145km (90miles) wide.

But Belgium is standing tall amid the rest of the world it hails the growth in offshore wind power as part of Europe’s green recovery effort.

Latest figures reveal it generated 6.7 TWh of electricity in 2020 – enough to power the electricity power needs of around 1.9 million families.

That is around 8.4 percent of all the electricity consumption of the nation as a whole.

“Wind energy at sea is a particularly important cornerstone of the sustainable energy transition in Belgium,” Hugo Canière, Secretary-General a.i. of the Belgian Offshore Platform said of the achievement.

It comes after Belgium completed work on the first phase of its Wind Energy Zone in the Belgian North Sea as part of the nation’s renewable energy strategy.

Eight wind farms with an installed capacity of 2262 MW are now installed and operational in the one.

That is forecast to produce some 8TWh of renewable energy each year which is the equivalent of around 2.2 million families – close to half of all Belgian households, according to Belgian Offshore Platform which represents the leading operators.


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