OPINION: Why The Scotsman is looking at ‘Sustainable Scotland’

The Scotsman has launched a campaign aimed at focusing on ‘Sustainable Scotland’. Here its commercial editor Stephen Emerson explains why:

Throughout 2020 and beyond, The Scotsman will celebrate the initiatives, people and companies that are driving Scotland’s economy and way of life towards a greener and more sustainable model.

As the country begins to emerge from the Coronavirus lockdown, calls for a ‘green recovery’ are growing louder and it is clear that we cannot return to business-as-usual.

We will work closely with a number of key partners to find the inspiring, thought-provoking and emotional stories that tell the story of the journey to a more sustainable way of living and working.

Our Sustainable Scotland campaign will run online, in print and on The Scotsman’s social channels.

The activity will cross a number of industries and sectors including energy, transport, digital communications, housing and culture.

We will focus on positive developments in Scotland and also highlight what are the challenges to the country achieving net zero carbon emissions.

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The Scotsman will also look overseas and highlight pioneering schemes and what lessons can be learned for our own economy.

Climate change has been described as the greatest challenge ever to face humankind, and finally it seems that the world – or at least some of it – is beginning to heed the threat.

Increasingly extreme weather conditions are becoming commonplace worldwide, with record heatwaves, droughts, storms and floods.

UN climate experts have warned urgent drastic action must be taken over the next ten years if we are to avoid irreversible consequences.

It’s a huge challenge that will require action from every individual and sector of society, not least the business community. 

The good news is Scotland’s innovators are stepping up to the plate, with many sectors diversifying and adapting to mitigate their climate impacts and a steady stream of new concepts being dreamed up every day.

If you are a business or organisation that is helping to make Scotland’s economy more sustainable then please email me at semerson@scotsman.com

Disclaimer: Author Shaun Milne is a former employee of The Scotsman newspaper group. This article was not paid for or sponsored, but published for sector interest.

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