Accountants for future, 10 ways to save world, #DearScotty

“Climate change could become a “catastrophic” threat to global security, as people lose their livelihoods, fall ill and battle over scarce water and food, a host of U.S. security, military and intelligence experts warned,” reports the Voice of America. It goes on to talk of how Africa and the Middle East are most at risk, before adding: “..but industrialized regions are vulnerable”. It comes from a report published by the Center of Climate and Security.

Christiana Figueres, the former executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, releases a book today called “The future we choose: Surviving Climate Crisis.” In it she advocates a movement of civil disobedience to force institutions to take action over the climate emergency, Forbes among others report.

Forbes contributor Jeff McMahon goes on to detail how she and co-author Tom Rivett-Carnac detail ten actions they believe can help people make a difference themselves, starting with ‘Let Go Of the Old World’. You can consider the full list here.

Among others looking to usher in global change and action, reports The Guardian, are accountants. They provide detail of an industry drive to have the estimated 2.5 professionals in their ranks ensure companies prepare for the climate emergency and driven to to set up more sustainable strategies, and the risks of inaction.

And they are not alone. reports ‘reputational damage, financial vulnerability and a lack of access to capital are likely impacts for firms that fail to respond to the climate crisis this decade.’ It is based on a newly published poll of 550 sustainability experts called: The Climate Decade: Ten Years to Deliver the Paris Agreement. It was commissioned by SustainAbility and GlobeScan.

Not everyone is going down the same path. Investigations site The Ferret reports that Ineos and the Scottish Government are moving towards the re-opening of a public inquiry into plans to drill for underground coal gas in Central Scotland using a method related to so-called fracking. It comes at a time when the Scottish Government is negotiating a Budget through the Scottish Parliament in the face for fresh demands for it to be ‘greener and more sustainable’, moves from within its ranks to establish a group for a ‘Green New Deal’ and as host nation for Cop 26 in Glasgow this November when the pressure is on to deliver progress on tackling the climate emergency.

Greenpeace Australia has launched a so-called ‘intervention’ for their Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his leadership when it comes to climate change, with a new campaign video and petition.

The #DearScotty campaign has received widespread celebrity and grassroots support as well as media attention. You can read more about the campaign here at Greenpeace.


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