Greenspace power, climate knitters and bushfire fallout grows

This piece from The Guardian called Inside Australia’s Climate Emergency: The Dead Sea details how Tazmania’s underwater forest is disappearing and the consequences of that.

It’s beautifully stitched together with words, video, images and data.

It comes as Australia’s own ABC News reports on how the woman they describe as being the world’s top climate negotiator, Costa Rican diplomat Christiana Figueres, has lambasted the Australian government over their response to the climate emergency amid ongoing rows over fossil fuels and the bushfire crisis that set large swathes of the nation alight.

Reuters is also reporting today that insurance and finance firms are looking to evaluate and reassess the impact in their markets too.

That comes as the FT publish details from Climetrics on the top global climate funds positioned for low carbon transition.

Our favourite read of the weekend. This piece on Greta Thunberg’s transformation from withdrawn child to global spokesperson, and how she and her family have adapted. Details in The Guardian come ahead of a book release, but provide a real insight into the struggles and successes behind the activism. 

She also Tweeted about her planned UK visit to join school strikers in Bristol this Friday.

The Japan Times covered the first Climate Crisis Youth Summit in Tokyo, which saw April’s global climate strike and their pending visit to Glasgow for Cop26 in November were high on the agenda. Around 80 delegates took part.

STV News were among those to report how the Duke of Sussex will attend a sustainable travel conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Travalyst – founded by the duke with brands including, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, and Visa – looking at ways to make the tourism industry greener and more sustainable by encouraging change of business practices and user habits.

BBC Scotland’s Kevin Keane, one of the country’s few dedicated environment correspondents.  today picks up news released by Greenspace Scotland today which unveils a plan to utilise Scotland’s recreational parks to help deliver sustainable energy.  Details of the study suggests 3500 areas could harness heat in the ground to warm local properties.

The National meanwhile reports a group within the SNP have launched a bid to establish its own Green New Deal, presumably not to be confused the the Scottish Greens existing Green New Deal launched last year, Holyrood Magazine among those covering it at the time.

Nick Butler, chair of the Policy Institute at King’s College London,  writing in the FT, argues this:

The case for an international organisation to oversee all this activity is compelling. There is a need for co-ordination and to establish clear benchmarks and a transparent reporting system.

He says that the time is now to have a world institution for climate and energy to oversee transitions.

And finally today, this is a terrific piece from The Slate on the quilters and knitters who are mapping climate change on stitch at a time.

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CREDIT: Main Image Terri Sharp / Pixabay

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