Hamburg strike, ScotGov flights and why women can save world

Fridays for Future estimate a huge 60,000 people have turned out for climate strike protest in Hamburg this afternoon. Among many people sharing images of the mass event, @Michaluck and @GretaThunberg. Their message to politicians and world leaders, to act on climate change.

The Scottish Government did and announced a climate emergency last year.

But today it is revealed that it also took 4000 domestic or international flights in the same 12 months, the Aberdeen Evening Express reports. It details a Freedom of Information request from the Scottish Libera Democrats revealing the number of journeys. Flights, of course, being cited as among the worst social polluters.

@scotLibeDems described it in this Tweet

Meanwhile on the ground, STV News reports drivers struggling with heavy rain and flooding across parts of the country, sharing this video of vehicles being caught out by deep water after a nearby river burst its banks in Renfrewshire. Full story at their link.

As the weather hits, the IPCC trails next week’s meeting in Paris with a Tweet on how those attending will be setting out what direction to take on climate, including a panel session called  “Planet in Peril: Transforming the Course of Climate Action”. Crucially, youth leaders and representatives of indigenous peoples will be among those participating.

Reading the room? Ahead of a meeting tonight of the Mossmorran Action Group which is concerned about activities at the chemical plant in Fife after frightening levels of flaring and a walk out of staff over safety concerns, this Tweet from operators @ExxonMobilshared hours before:

And a thought for closing.

Canada’s largest online news site, The Star, publishes a piece by Shari Graydon with the headline Increasing women’s voices is key to accelerating action on climate change. Among her points: “Incorporating more women at senior levels is essential to address the existential environmental threats we face.”

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CREDIT: Main image PkOzmin

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