WATCH: ‘The Nairn Climate Strikers’ documentary by Rowen Henderson

The Nairn Climate Strikers may not be household names yet. After all, it’s just a short documentary.

But its compelling,

The two youth strikers from Nairn in the Highlands setting out in their own words why they have chosen to skip class every Friday.

Dayne Inglis and Eric Ness, who have been at the fore of the campaign in their area, star in the film made by Nairn Academy pupil Rowen Henderson.

It won him last year’s Best Film Challenge Award in the Scottish Youth Film Festival. It will be shown at youth film festivals around the world.

The message from Scotland, simple. Change is needed.

Inglis said: “As young people in Nairn, we will have to face climate breakdown during our life-times.

“We can change what we are doing, but our government must take the lead.”

As they continue their challenge, the effects if video and legacy of their campaigning at school at beyond, is still to be seen.

CREDIT: Rowen Henderson – subscribe to his channel on YouTube

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