Whale dies and gannet rescued as wildlife feels effects of human activity

LERWICK Lifeboat went to the rescue of a gannet fighting for its life after becoming trapped in fishing nets.

The crew aboard the Severn class ‘Michael and Jane Vernon’ had been out on exercise when they spotted the stricken bird.

After cutting it free, they posted to their official page: “Unplanned rescue operation during exercise tonight! #savinglivesatsea

It comes 24-hrs after a whale was found dead on the shore at the other end of the country at Belhaven Beach near Dunbar.

Experts fear it may have become trapped in creel nets and been unable to surface for air.

An operation is expected to get underway to remove its carcass in the coming days.

Both incidents come amid growing frustration and awareness over the affect of human activity on wildlife in and around Scotland and beyond.

IMAGE CREDITS: RNLI Lerwick Lifeboat (Top) and Coast to Coast Surf School (Bottom).

Shaun Milne is a Scottish based journalist with a particular interest in environmental issues, politics and travel.

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