Monsanto Bayer mega merger opposition from Soil Association campaigners

THE Soil Association has stepped up its opposition against the so-called ‘Baysanto’ mega-merger between agri giants Monsanto and Bayer.

It comes after the £45billion deal was given the nod by the US department of justice. It will still need ratified by other countries it operates in.

Campaigners say they are increasingly worried about their influence on world food stuffs and their use of controversial chemicals.

Among those fears cited are safety concerns surrounding neonicotinoids, glyphosate, artificial nitrogen fertiliser and other products

The Soil Association says 97% of farmers polled feared the merger would have a negative affect on farming, while here in Europe, 90% said they were worried agrochemical drift would impact on organic farming methods.

In a statement released to supporters, the Soil Association said: “Everyone who cares about the future of farming should oppose corporate control of our food systems.

“Our goal is a farming system that is healthy and sustainable, and “Baysanto” creates a major obstacle in achieving that.”

The merger comes as the firms step up their bid to influence millennials by targeting them in a series of talks aimed at overturning generations of bad PR headlines.

GM crops are currently banned in Scotland.

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IMAGE CREDITS: cc Musikmatty

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