GlowRide marks Edinburgh’s new status as Scotland’s first 20mph city

A THREE mile glow in the dark bike ride has marked Edinburgh’s pioneering new speed limit roll-out being completed.

The luminous procession of cycles took part in a celebratory ride around the heart of Edinburgh on Sunday to celebrate the Capital becoming Scotland’s first 20mph city.

The GlowRide, organised by City of Edinburgh Council and with Cycling Scotland and Sustrans Scotland, was held to mark the successful introduction of the fourth and final phase being completed on March 5.

Residential and shopping streets across the Capital – plus the city centre – are now 20mph, with a strategic network of roads maintained at 30mph and 40mph.

The GlowRide traversed the streets from the City Chambers and also promoted safe cycling at night and national campaigns such as Be Bright Be Seen.

Councillor David Key, the city’s Cycling Champion, said: “Now that 20mph limits have been rolled out to the vast majority of the Capital’s streets – excluding a strategic network of streets maintained at 30mph and 40mph – it will be far clearer for road users that lower speeds are now the norm in residential and shopping streets.

CouncilLEDCycle 32SMALL.jpg

“Communities right across Edinburgh have told us they really value the benefits of calmer traffic in their areas and we have had requests from all over the city for additional streets to be included in the rollout.

“We will carry out a comprehensive review of the scheme over the next year, looking at all aspects and impacts including traffic speeds, road casualties, public perceptions and walking and cycling walking stats.”

Scores of drivers have ben issued with warnings in 20mph, and others issued with fines.

But Superintendent Bob Paris said: “People travelling around Edinburgh have been getting used to the new speed limits for some months, which are now complete.

“All the zones have implemented their 20mph areas and all road users should be aware of the limits over the course of their journeys.

“The GlowRide has brought people together from all areas of the capital, and this will positively reinforce the message that 20mph limits are now in place citywide and they must be followed.

CouncilLEDCycle 21SMALL.jpg

“We will continue to carry out education and enforcement to remind drivers to slow down, particularly in areas where any concerns are raised to us or there are vulnerable groups like children near schools, to ensure Edinburgh’s streets are safe for everyone.”

Dave du Feu, Spokes lead organiser, said: “Spokes has from the outset been a strong supporter of Edinburgh’s pioneering decision to implement 20mph city-wide, which will greatly improve safety on our roads.

“With very encouraging recent evidence from another pioneer city, Bristol, Spokes urges the Scottish Government to make 20mph the default speed limit for urban areas across Scotland.”

William Wright, Marketing and Development Officer, Cycling Scotland, added: “Events like this encourage people to make that shift to travelling by bicycle and to enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

“Many more people will be encouraged to cycle and walk now that 20mph has become the norm across Edinburgh – calmer speeds make it so much more attractive to leave the car at home.”

MSP Mark Ruskell currently has a Bill before the Scottish Parliament calling on a 20mph roll out across the country.


IMAGE CREDITS: City of Edinburgh Council/GlowRide

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