SEPA launches consultation over whisky, landfill and metals sectors

THE Scottish Environment Protection Agency has launched a major consultation to drive how it shapes new environmental regulations.

It’s CEO Terry A’Hearn said SEPA was challenging itself to “step up to the mark” and ensure it cracks down on those not observing regulations.

In particular it is focussing on whisky, metals and landfill sectors as it looks to future proof the work it does.

They say they want to make sure businesses fully meets their compliance obligations and go beyond the compliance standards.

It a statement, the agency said: “Successful businesses in future will be those that use low amounts of water, materials and carbon-based energy and create little waste.

“Prosperous societies will be comprised of these businesses.

“This can be Scotland with sector plans driving this ambition forward with a plan being developed for every sector we regulate by the end of March 2021.”

Consultees have until May 7 to take part in  the consultation.

Speaking at their launch event with SEPA managers in Perth today A’Hearn said:  “SEPA is transforming its regulatory approach in order to create a world-class environment protection agency fit for the challenges of tomorrow.

“Every day SEPA works to protect and enhance the environment. Environmental compliance is non-negotiable and our sector plans will work to ensure that every Scottish business is compliant with environmental law.

“We’ll also work with as many as possible to go even further as the successful businesses of tomorrow will be those who embrace the economic opportunity of sustainable solutions to environmental challenges.

“This will help businesses to think about creating commercial success from environmental excellence.

“Sector planning will drive our regulatory approach so we want and need the widest possible range of input and review to make sure this new approach is as effective as possible.”

He added: “Communities across Scotland are integral to this. If you have an interest in the environment please read the consultation documents and tell us what you think”.

WANT TO LEARN MORE? Read: Sector approach to regulation: Consultations on Scotch Whisky, Landfill and Metals Sector Plans


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