Innovation for Change line-up revealed by Institute of Chartered Foresters

A MAJOR conference looking at innovation in the UK’s forestry and aboriculture has revealed details of their Edinburgh conference.

John Deere Forestry and Microsoft have been confirmed in the line-up for the event on May 2 and 3 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

It will also host this year’s ICF annual general meeting.

According to the Scottish Government, Scotland’s forestry sector is worth £1 billion annually and supports 25,000 jobs.

It is currently going through the process of creating a single agency to manage the sector.

Among the speakers at the conference are Stefano Pascucci, Professor of Sustainability and Circular Economy from University of Exeter Business School, Microsoft’s Christos Matskas on the impact of IoT and from Trioss, Nick Pyatt who will be discussing harnessing adaption pathways to adjust to an uncertain climate changing world.

The full range of speakers is listed here:

Jock McKie, John Deere Forestry, on the importance of innovation in ensuring profitable future operations
Fiona Lickorish, Cranfield University, on using strategic foresight to plan for and manage change
Nick Pyatt, Trioss, on harnessing adaption pathways to adjust to an uncertain climate changing world
Christos Matskas, Microsoft, on the impact of an IoT Landscape and cloud-centric approach, and what comes next
Professor Tariq Butt, Swansea University, on biopesticide-based tree pest controls
Professor John Mackay, University of Oxford, on biotechnology and tree breeding
Dr Graham Ormondroyd, Bangor University BioComposites Centre, on modifying properties of cellulosic materials for commercial uptake
Francis Charette, FPInnovations (Canada), on the challenges of developing autonomous equipment in forestry
Jeremie Leonard, BioCarbon Engineering, on unmanned aerial vehicles
Professor Christian Rosset, MOTI, and Bern University of Applied Science (Switzerland), on capturing dendrometric variables using mobile phone applications
Professor Iain H Woodhouse, University of Edinburgh Living Environment Institute, and Carbomap, on remote sensing innovations
Juan Suárez-Minguez, Forest Research, on early detection of tree stress by thermal imagery
Sharon Hosegood FICFor, Sharon Hosegood Associates Ltd, on radar surveys of urban tree roots
Stefano Pascucci, Professor in Sustainability and Circular Economy, University of Exeter Business School

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