Tree for Life appeal for help in replacing 4×4 car in use for more than 25 years

TREES for Life have launched a fundraising appeal – to replace their ageing 4×4 after more than quarter of a century in use.

Their workhorse – affectionately known as ‘Trooper’ – they say is on its last legs and they now need £18,000 to replace it.

The Toyota has been overcoming challenges on the Dundreggan Conservation Estate for more than 25 years, ferrying tools, trainees and trees.

It comes as five new trainees join the team.

The charity said: “We need a robust, reliable vehicle for them to use. Your donation would help us buy a new, more economical, tough 4×4 to carry equipment and people over the roughest terrain for another 25 years.

“A new vehicle is the only way in which we will be able to get people and equipment to the places where we, and the forest, need them most.”

They say the new 4×4 will help support the charity’s work in the creation of new forest and homes for rare Highland wildlife, such as red squirrels, pine martens, black grouse and other well loved species.

Ways to donate are detailed by the charity below.

To donate by text please send the code ROAD17 followed by any amount up to £10 to 70070. For example, text ‘ROAD17 £10’ to 70070

Give £35 and we’ll send you a gift pack of wildlife greetings cards.
Give £100 and we’ll plant a tree in your name and send you a thank you card.
Give £500 and we’ll put your name on the outside of the vehicle.
Give £1,000 and we’ll take you on a special day tour of the magical forest at Dundreggan in the vehicle you helped to buy.


WANT TO LEARN MORE? Read: Trees for Life vehicle appeal.

IMAGE CREDITS: Trees for Life.

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