#SGPConf Scottish Greens agree emergency motion backing MSP Mark Ruskell’s call to thwart ‘toxic Tory pen’ on fracking


THE Scottish Green Party voted overwhelmingly today to back a motion calling on the Holyrood government to make fracking illegal in Scotland by enshrining it into law.

In an impassioned speech to the party faithful, Mark Ruskell MSP called on members to back a motion he is putting to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday urging the SNP administration to outlaw the practice with legislation.

He said they were “so close” to making it happen.

Speaking during his bid’s emergency motion at Edinburgh Napier University campus today, he also praised all those who had backed the campaign.

He said: “I’m proud of every letter that was written, of every sticker that was stuck, of every street stall and of every scientific paper that nailed the argument against fracking.

“We deserve this moment as a movement.


“We’re so close to getting a legally watertight ban on fracking finally over the line and on Tuesday next week at Holyrood we will vote on one.

“The Scottish Government is sincere in their intent to ban fracking, but we call on them through this motion today to put the ban on a legal basis that cannot be undone by the stroke of a toxic Tory pen or an INEOS court injunction.

“We call for a proper ban under the National Planning Framework alongside the use of oil and gas licensing powers that accompany it.


“We’ve come this far, let’s now win it.”

The Scottish Government stated previously that extending a moratorium on fracking had been the quickest most effective way forwards.

Want to learn more? Read: Scottish Green’s Mark Ruskell on why he thinks extended fracking moratorium in Scotland doesn’t go far enough


Image credits: Shaun Milne


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