Friends of the Earth Scotland push for a law banning fracking outright ahead of crucial vote next Tuesday

FRIENDS of the Earth Scotland are calling on people to back a new call for Scotland’s fracking ‘ban’ to be enshrined in law.

They are urging supporters and interested parties to contact their MSPs ahead of a final vote on Tuesday (October 24).

And they have set up a dedicated web-page to capture information from supporters, with more than 700 already signed up.

In a statement, FoES urged: “The Scottish Government has announced a ban on fracking.

“This is a massive win for the anti-fracking movement, particularly those on the frontline of this dirty industry here in Scotland, who have been campaigning for a ban for six years.

“But the Scottish Government has not committed to putting the ban into law.

“They must seek Parliament’s approval for its plans to stop fracking, in a crucial vote.

“Contact your MSPs now to ask them to push the Government to go further and ask them to take the final step by passing a law banning fracking.”

The Scottish Government was widely hailed when it announced the moratorium in fracking in Scotland would be extended indefinitely.


In practice, that means fracking can no longer happen in Scotland under the current political arrangement.

However FoES, the Scottish Green Party and others have warned that leaves the decision open to being superceeded or overturned.

They say having a ban firmly fixed by legislation would guarantee fracking is outlawed in Scotland forever.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said previously the extended moratorium was the quickest and most effective way to ensure the process couldn’t happen.

Frackers INEOS say the move is bad for Scotland.

Want to learn more? Read: FOES – Let’s put fracking ban into law

Image credits: cc Shaun Milne

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