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Hamburg strike, ScotGov flights and why women can save world

Incorporating more women at senior levels is essential

Watch Magid Magid hail Fridays for Future school strikers over ‘hope’

Former MEP and Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid has heaped praise on the Fridays for Future activists, praising school climate strikers for making a stand. Speaking at an event organised by Edinburgh Greens at the Out of the Blue Drill…

Climate Tweets, end of humanity and is Cop 26 our last hope?

Climate headlines: Twitter bots, Cop 26 and death of humanity.

OPINION: World is burning and we’re part of the problem

“We need to switch to a circular economy which places value on the wellbeing of people and planet alike.”

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OPINION: Clothing industry needs ‘moon shot’ to end fast fashion

The queen of fashion herself, Anna Wintour, has made her views known about fashion and sustainability.  It’s a welcome influential voice in a sector that is using up global raw materials at an alarming rate. According to a new report…

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OPINION: What role has Shell played in moving to a lower-carbon future?

The CEO of Shell is paid 143 times what Shell’s average worker receives. Industry workers are not the problem here.

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